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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stage 8 - yawn another breakaway...

OK - so I didn't watch much of the stage - just the last 20K. Sounds like it was super fast, but there were no big shakeups in the GC. The big boys dropped the yellow jersey early on, but he clawed his skinny Italian butt back into it.
Lil called me out on the #6 of the drinking game, roughly translating Fabian's rant as ", you lazy bastards. If not, I'll ride over on the other side of the road..." Since it was only 9:35am, and we were just getting back from the Farmers Market (yea, sweet corn!), I passed on the pounding of a drink and downed the raspberry iced tea...
Tomorrow, two of the monsters of the Pyrennes in Col d'Aspin and the Tourmalet, with fast downhill/flat finish. Will the attacks fly and will we see a big shake up? Lil, if you watched more closely, please fill in the details!! -boo

OMG almost forgot... Thor is in Green!!! Cav had a few troubles getting over the mountains and arrived in the autobus as the God of Thunder was pulling on the jersey!!! he, he, he. I wish I could have translated what he said to Bernhard Eisel as he crossed 23 min back.

Happy to help boo.
A break got away, and stayed away for the win. Going up the third & final climb of the day it looked like the yellow jersey had cracked, dropping off the lead group because of attacks by the Shlecks (unable to tell beanpoles apart, yes I realize they wear different colored jerseys, so I guess it a matter of caring). VdV in post-race interview said he though the Shlecks wanted the yellow to go to Astana & force them to defend - interesting (also excellent move by VS shooting from non-mole side, for you star). However, the yellow got back, paced by teammate Stéphane Goubert -nominated for best name in peleton!- at that point the lead group was like -whatever *eye roll* lets just finish, big day tomorrow.
Big G (le sigh, le swoon) was in the break until the end of the final climb up Col D Angés and tried to descend like a banshee to get back. But was unable-so he sat up and waited for the peleton. This is notable because it meant lots of happy eye time. FYI - he was drinking Fanta in post-race interview. Oh George, you are so awesome.
Also, Little Al was definitely not at the Astana cool kids table today. Always lurking a couple riders behind LA/Levi/Kloden. Not so happy times in the turquoise bus. Also, why the jersey zipped up the whole way Al? what are you hiding? your tiny little bird chest?
Cadel may/may not have the form, but he's certainly more aggressive this year. VdV, Millar & Wiggins finished in leaders group- good work argyle! I don't know what movie they were showing in the autobus today, but it must have been good 'cause it drew a big crowd. I like to picture the autobus as sharing snack packs of fruit chews, baby carrots & juice boxes.

Ooo nice George picture. All the other pigeon chests are jealous. And yes, I do realize I would not technically have to translate Cavendish, but he does talk kind of funny.
Love the Gorgeous George pic, I think that is the only shirtless cyclist we will have on our blog....the others would be frightening. -star

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