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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour de France - Stage 2

Stage 2 with another predictable winner. If it's a sprint finish on the stage, there's only 1 guy that is really favored: Mark Cavandish. I think we'll be seeing him cross the line first a lot on flat stages.
Tyler Farrar was close, but no cigar. He did beat Thor 'the God of Thunder' Hushovd and 'Tornado' Tom Boonen. I guess the new guard is passing up the old guard.....if the old guard is 31 and 28 years old?
I wonder what Frankie Andreau has in his contract with VS. that has him interviewing Lance Armstong? For those unfamiliar to the backstory, Frankie (a former teammate of Lance's) and his wife have gone on record accusing Lance of doping. Uncomfortable!

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