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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rest Day - British Open

So, Star, you really think this race is going to go into the time trial undecided? I think it is over right now. The only person who could even "kind of" go with Alberto was Andy Schleck, and he couldn't even come close. I think that, barring someone (read: Little Al) falling off the side of the mountain, young Mr. Contador might have this thing wrapped up.

Also, Jock, let's hear your take on the 59 year old Tom Watson almost taking the British Open. I watched that last putt live, and it almost broke my heart. He is one classy guy, though. It would have been an unbelievable story. - boo

Yep boo, I still don't think the winner will be decided before the ITT. You see there are 2 mountain stages before that. I know Alberto can climb like an angel, but there are a lot of riders that have nothing to lose sitting behind him. And I don't think Alberto trusts his teammates (Lance & Kloden) to chase down other riders since they are both sitting so high up in the GC. So Little Al may try to chase down riders himself, wasting energy.
The ITT is long and flat, yes Little Al is the champion of Spain in the TT, but that's like being the 'most athletic' of our family.*
Oh, and did anyone else notice all the Czech flags on Verbier? How cool is that? -Star

*extra bonus point Star! u so funny.
-dreaming- the entire Astana team falls off the podium and dissolves into a giant hair-pulling cat fight. Which Popo wins, easily.
Wiggins wins the TdF and drinks pint after pint during jersey ceremony, horrifying the french crowd. !Jens! gets second. Vdv ties Levi & GG for third. Dave Z "accidently-on-purpose" sets Jonathon V's sideburns on fire with blowtorch. Most perfect TdF ever......

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