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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tour of Cali stage 3

The British are coming!! The British are coming!!
Wait, Greg Henderson is from New Zealand, but that's close to Australia and he does ride for Sky, so we're going to just call him British. And he won today's stage and took the leaders jersey from teammate and fellow countryman Ben Swift. Now wake up Americans and win some stages in out biggest cycling race!!! Seventh is not good enough Taylor Phinney!
Thor Hoshovd if you do win, I'm totally claiming that as an American win. You ride of Gamin and I actually wish we had riders as cool as you, that goes for you too Jen Voigt (I hope you are feeling better).
I'm sorry to Nic Hamilton who rides for Jelly Belly, our Lanton Rouge. Yes, the ToC is officially recognizing the rider in last place. That's what you get when riding with just jelly beans as fuel.

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