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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tour Stage 20

Good Morning. I will be attempting to live blog the Versus coverage of the stage. I predict that Fabian Cancellara will win the stage and Cadel Evans will be in yellow at the end of the day.
7:05 - They've spent the first 5 minutes talking about yesterdays was a good stage.
7:10 - Phil Liggett's wife was an Olympic speed skater. The things you learn on an early Sat morning.
7:12 - Fabian Cancellara has already finished and is in the lead, it's too bad we've missed Spartacas.
7:18 - boo just brought me some chai and a croissant. Thanks boo.
7:27 - Richie Porte just beat Fabian? David Millar had a terrible ride? What the what?
7:45 - Thomas De Gendt new best time? Seriously, what is going on?
7:59 - Tony Matin's picking 'em up and laying 'em down. Just caught his second rider. Poor Edvard Boassen Hoagan, he's so strong he broke his handle bars.
8:11 - Versus shows a lot of commercials. It would be ok if they all had Bobke or Dave Z.
8:22 - Tony Martin road that race like there was a motor on his bike.
8:42 - Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie Phillipe Gilbert.
8:57 - Good Morning Ivan Basso ;)
9:09 - Tommy Voecklers helmet has dimples. Isn't that adorable?. And he's the pride of all France.
9:12 - Cadel Evans look very serious. Good Luck to him. and yes Phil, Frank Shleck is terrible in the ITT.
9:13 - If you looked up unattractive in the dictionary you would see Andy Shleck in a oversized time trial helmet and yellow skin suit.
9:18 - Andy is off, now it all comes down to this.
9:26 - The split from Cadel to Andy has gone from 57 seconds to 43, so by British math Cadel has pulled back 10 seconds.
9:40 - At first time check Cadel's going strong and Andy has gone slower then Frank. I think I could beat Frank in the TT. Frank's terrible.
9:47 - Cadel's the virtual leader of le Tour, I hope he hasn't gone out to quick.
9:52 - Nice finish Tommy D! Way to tear it up Cadel!!
9:56 - Alberto's doing a storming ride, too. That would be a good name for a race horse.
10:08 - Congrats Cadel!! That was a fantastic ride.
10:11 - The time trial is called the race of truth, and the truth is that the Shlecks are terrible time trialists.
10:17 - Now it's official, Cadel is first, Andy in 2nd and Frank in 3rd in the standings after today. The Aussies now have a Tour winner and the Luxembouges have a long winter ahead of them. Tony Martin won the stage, Fabian was disappointingly 8th. I think Garmin kept their team classification.
In conclusion, it ended just like I thought: the DVR is the greatest invention ever because Versus has some terrible commercials and they play them a lot.


  1. Star,
    I feel like I was right there watching it with you. The Schlecks were worse than I expected them to be, I feel just a little bit bad for them. I think it was Andy's freaky grin in the start house that jinxed him.
    Cadel was a stud - I too expected him in yellow, but not by 90 seconds.

  2. I think Cadel went out super fast to put doubt in Andy's mind, they Andy just collapsed under the pressure. Sometimes the yellow jersey give you wings, sometimes it doesn't.

  3. Phil and Paul just said the Schlecks will both be in Colorado. And I saw Thor chatting with Fabian. Hope he doesn't go the the Leopard team. That would suck.