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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tour Stage 20 cont.

Who said there was no crying in cycling? Not Cadel Evans, he's never said that. And if he did, it was more of a do as I say, not as I do.
Those Schleck brothers really, really need to learn how to time trial. Poor guys, note that Frank was wearing Andy's skin suit, what's up with that?
George Hincapie is member of the winner of the Tour de France for the 9th time. Way to go Big Sexy.
I've found some Jens gold.
Tommy D is back!!
Christian's hanging around too.


  1. Oh happy Cadel. He made it three weeks in France not getting bucked off his bike - that's a personal record for him.
    Garmin had a fantastic tour - hopefully they'll take out Cav tomorrow in Paris. I'm on Team ASBC (Any Sprinter But Cav)

  2. I think that's key to winning, not falling off the bike.
    Garmin will never have a tour like this again. They are doing ridiculous. All the American teams are.