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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sports Monday Roundup

-At the Tour of Swiss Levi Leiphiemer totally Greg LaMond'ed Damiano Cunego, a la Tour de Frand 1989. The Little Prince did not collapse like Lourent Fignon, but I'm sure he felt like s(*& afterwards. But shout out to Tommy D and Tejay getting into the top 11. U-S-A!! But the Swiss did get their day, actually 2, thanks to Fabulous Fabian Cancellara who won the Prologue and final day time trial....I'm good with that.
-Wembledon has started and you all know what that means? Everyone has to wear white and eat strawberry and cream. Mardy Fish won, as did Nadal, Venus in her jumper and Rogerer. With a rain delay, extra tennis tomorrow.
-Texas is the first team eliminated from the Baseball College World Series....HAHAHA.


  1. Star, clarify this for me - by Greg LaMond-ing Damiano Cunego did Levi
    A) give bitter interviews
    B) wear an awesome paper hat
    C) put the smack down and then fall off his bike
    D) all of the above