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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tour Stage 16

Oh happy day, Thor won again!! And our favorite Canadian, who's actually part Norwegian came in 3rd. Sideburns was overjoyed. And they all lived happily ever after. Ok there's still 5 stages to go and Thor's contract with Gamin is up at the end of the let's go with: there will be champagne tonight!

A bunch of other stuff happened further down the race. Cadel put time in everyone, AC found his racing legs, it took 2 rest days to find them and the Schleck boys are afraid of going downhill. You can read more here. I have a proposed rule for next year, if downhills are too scary for you, you can't flex at the finish if you win, you have to find another victory salute.

After the sprint on Sunday there was some riders accusing our most personable sprinter, Cav, of hanging on to bumpers up the previous days climb. Buy HTC's directors have convinced the race marshalls that Cav was just pushing the cars up the mountains.

Dave Z's got some time, so he spent it writing. We miss you too Dave.


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