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Monday, July 25, 2011

Tour Stage 21

Well, it's all over now. Why are the fastest 3 weeks of the year always during the Tour de France? And this year was a really great tour.
It was great to see Big George leading BMC and the yellow jersey onto the Champ-Elysees. And really happy to see Cadel Evans win. He really worked for this one and not once hit the deck. It looks like someone needs a hug.
The yellow jersey gives Little Tommy V tenacity.
GO USA!! An American team won over half the stages this year, won the yellow & green jersey, and team competition. And that was with no help from RadioShack.
Norway announcers are very excitable.
My Argyle Armada had a dream tour. And almost got Dave Z to smile.
Jens. Oh Jens.
Until next year.


  1. I want an invite to Jens post-tour healthy party, sounds like he's gonna have lots of sports drinks there.

  2. Even over sports drinks I'm sure Jens would have a good time.