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Monday, August 29, 2011

A little bit of this....

OK, so it's been awhile and actually a lot has happened in cycling. So a quick update:
In the Vuelta's opening stage Leopard-Trek won the Team Time Trial, putting Jakob Fuglsang in the leaders jersey. I believe he was a rider to watch for in the Tour. FYI: keep an eye out for him in Spain, too.
It's really hot in Spain, so Cav quit.
Tyler was all geared up for the first real sprint stage in the 7th stage, but got tangled up 100 meters from the finish and wend down HARD. At the finish line he went straight to the hospital, but was cleared after xrays showed nothing broken. So the next morning Tyler coughs up some blood, the team sends him back to the hospital, still nothing shows up so he starts the stage. After about 35 K he coughs up some more blood, so the team pulled his from the race. Still don't know if he was hurt more seriously then they thought.
Heinrich was in a break for a long time on one stage.
Dan Martin wins a mountain top finish with Wiggins making a big move up the GC.
In the ITT today Sky has ended up putting 2 riders in the top 3 on GC, and we saw it all on the telly.
Rest day.

In the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, for those that aren't on a rocky mountain high, Tour of Colorado, much happened.
Some young German on HTC won the downhill prologue.
Levi took it the next day.
Tejay took it the following day, whole Gorgeous George won the stage. Tejay said the Levi doesn't have the balls and can't go downhill very fast.
Levin brings the hammer the following day in a uphill time trial and make Tejay look like the young kid that he is. I guess not having balls makes it easier to ride uphill fast.
The last 3 stages were pretty uneventful, no change in the GC.
On the stalking side of the USAPCC, we got the #1 goal we set for ourselves, Ivan Basso, except I don't' think he really wanted to be photographed, maybe because I grabbed his arm to get his attention.
We wanted to get Pieter Weening, except we took a picture with Robert Gesink and some other hairy Dutch rider for Rabobank.
Dave Z was wandering around without a shirt. He has the Chris Evans/Captain America look pre-super shot down pat.
Flex had a run with the peloton up Wolcott Pass and then got yelled at by the Mavic motorcycle guys, so he stopped running.
Jude had a good ol' time in Breckenridge post race. She invited Danny Pate to Thanksgiving, shook hands with Fankie Andreu, didn't remember who Danny Summerhill was despite seeing him about 4 times within 5 minutes. We eventually made her take a picture with him so she would remember who he was. She got autographs from Tommy D, Christian and George Hincapie. She would have gotten Levi's too, but didn't have a pen.
Now we all need a rest after that vaca.

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