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Monday, September 14, 2009

Tour of Missouri - Garmin's busdriver

***Note: The bus driver has a's Kevin!!
We don't know his name, but he does have a point to the story. We talked to him at the Sedalia ITT stage and he did remember meeting us at the the ToC back in February. I guess we're memorable. We asked if Dave Z was going to win the ITT and he said that Dave was joking around a lot and that means he's feeling good. He (the bus driver) also mentioned that Dave is a curious study in human nature, no kidding.
We saw our friendly bus driver before the final stage in KC. We were standing outside the bus and he asked if we were here to see anyone in particular. Of course, Danny Pate is the correct answer. But we got distracted and started wandering though the other team buses. Saw Thor & Henrick again. Anyway, back to the Garmin bus... we standing around when I hear boo say "Hey Christian, how's the hand?" Holy Crap, boo and her cyclist eyes were on their A game. Christian Vande Velde tried to sneak up behind us on his little bitty cycling feet and boo still caught him.
Seriously back to the bus driver, we're waiting for Danny to come out and our driver asks if we wanted a picture or an autograph. Well, we don't have anything to sign, so we plan on just a picture. So our driver pulls out a Garmin cycling hat and asks if we want 1 or 2? Of course we want 2. Bonus points for the driver. Danny comes out fashionably late looking all cute, signs our hats and takes a picture with me. (Jock we forgot to ask him to Thanksgiving) And since Christian is still there we have him sign that hat too, now it might be worth something.
How elfin does Danny look?!?! I mean seriously, I was expecting his cycling shoes to have pointy toes with little bells. Ok, they are pointy, but there were no bells. - boo


  1. Did Danny pedal his way through the forest of swirly, whirly gumdrops?
    Confirm this Star - Tommy D dropped out of the Vuela, despite being in the top ten GC. American's second coming (long since forgotten) has some issues - what's the word in the peleton?
    I notice Millar's been quiet. That makes you no friends when you drop out of a race on stage 18 after the team rides for you. Did he get a hangnail? Cause I got a brutal one so I totally understand. Ouchie

  2. Danny likes to smile, smilings his favorite! You look like you need a hug!
    Tommy D has bronchitis, I guess he can't even talk. Get off his back, who want's to be the next coming!
    I hope Miller takes out the ITT on Sat. That would be a hat trick for Team Garmin at the Veulta!

  3. Okay, okay...Tommy D might have a legit excuse. But still, What Would Jens Do?

  4. Jens would make everyone else in the race suffer.

  5. Good e-stalking Star. He does not know what he is dealing with! He wasn't wearing his ring, but you could see the ring tattoo.

  6. That's why you have to be careful what you put on the internet....anyone can find infomation on you, boo or should I say (beep).