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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yippeee, The Tour has started!!

Garmin-Cervelo has a really cool presentation before the tour. Here's Dave Z's take.
Stage 1: Philippe Gilbert rode his funky new hairstyle to a win. And defending champ Alberto Contador was left behind after a huge crash with 10 K to go. I believe Andy Schleck has already mailed a thank you note to Karma.
Stage 2: The Team Time Trial (TTT)...I love this event. It's breath taking to watch a good TTT. And it ended greatly with the Argyle Armada winning their first stage in Tour de France history. Seriouly, Sideburn's team is entering it's 4th Tour and have never won a stage. And put Thor in yellow....I know he looks good in a rainbow, but man, that yellow really brings out his dimples.
Stage 3: Tyler finally wins a stage!!! Sometimes the good guy does finish first. Look at how happy Julien and Thor are as they see him cross the line. But Cav can't lose quietly....note to Cav: don't mess with Thor.
Stage 4: Cadel Evans beat Alberto Contado by the width of a tire. "Dear Alberto, I'm not done yet. Sincerely, Karma." And amazingly Thor stays in yellow. He is a strong man of the peloton.

Quote of the Tour as far: By Bob Roll (not surprising) "Sprinters are the Honey Badger of cycling".
Who knew the Danish were eternal optimist?
It was great to see all my readers this weekend!!

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  1. Honey badger don't give a $hit!

    My boy, Thor, has a heart of steel. According to Phil.

    Good job Star