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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post Tour of Cali

boo and I survived the southern CA traffic and got to see some great racing. The first stage we were at finished in Paso Robles and not only did Thor Hoshovd drop out within first 20 K (crap), but Gustov Larsson crashed and had to be taken to the hospital (he survived). That's 2 of my top 10. At least we saw Jens Voigt finish....what did you say boo? He broke his wrist 2 stages before and just got an x-ray and now is heading back to Europe? **big frowny face and thumbs down** But there is Bob Roll, in I believe women's skinny jeans...that's something. And here's Oscar Freire.

The next day was the Individual Time Trial in Solvang. Our good friend that drives Garmin-Cervelo's bus confirmed that yes, David Zabriskie is pretty strange, Ryder Hesjedal is nice, and Christian Vande Velde is the most mature of the Garmen riders there. And I could see for myself that Johan Van Summeren is really tall. ***I'm standing on a curb to give me an extra 5 inches.

But the highlight of the ITT was meeting the voices of cycling Phil "Suitcase of Courage" Liggett and Paul "Wheelhouse to Engine Room: More Power" Sherwin. They like their fans.

Chris Horner, as winner of the whole shebang, got to pick supper. I have to say, excellent choice. I bet he got the 4x4, with animal fries and a large shake.


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