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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new cycling year

so let's get you updated on the news of the off season. The Schleck boys have a name for the Luxembourgian team, Leopard-Trek. The team's introduction was very scarfy, which I believe is a major export of that country. But I think the sleeves of their kits should have pading to make them look tougher. And the newest member of Leopard-Trek is Jakob Fuglsang. He will help fill the gaping hole of cuteness the peloton will be suffering with the retirement of my Chechu.
Garmin has come out with their new kit after taking on doesn't have enough argyle and it looks like a lot of other kits. You would think a guy with sideburns like this, would come up with something more original.
Others have spent more time and effort going over all the kits....good on them.
Johnass Bruyneel won't be around a few races this spring all because he can't keep his mouth shut. And that's a surprise because...?


  1. Oh - Jakob, you had me with the very first photo! And Fabian is scarf-tastic. Yummy delicious.

    I though you were OCD with cycling until I read that other post on the kits... yikes.

  2. With Jakob, it's the dimples.

    Thank you other crazier cycling people to help me look normal.