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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tour Stage 12

We've reached the mountains. How do I know? From all the drunk European men dressed in nothing by Speedos and shoes running beside the riders yelling and waving flags. You know the first thing you forget when planning for a day of drinking, running, yelling and flag waving: getting dressed. But to change it up a little we had some cornheads on the Col de Tourmalet with around 36.1 km to go. Go Big Red!!
Sammy Sanchez (current Olympic champion) won the day, but the really winners were the Tommys. Thomas Voeckler stayed in yellow on Bastille Day. Paul Sherwin said that he was just talking to his teammate infront of him on Luz Ardiden, but I think he was singing. If I read his lips correctly it was "Pumped Up Kicks", if it wasn't, it should have been, that's a catchy song. Tommy Danielson also surprised everyone by keeping with the big boys until 1 K left, moving up to top ten.
The losers would the whole team of Radioshack, Andres Kloden crashed again, lost a bunch of time. Levi Lephiemer also load lots of time. I think the next tweet by Johan Bruyneel will be "worst tour, ever". Oh and Alberto Contador, he lost more time to the big boys....that just doesn't happen to AC. This could be his first Grand Tour that he entered and didn't win.
With all that happened on Luz-Ardiden, I've almost completely forgot about Geraint Thomas almost crashing over the edge of a mountain and them Thomas Voeckler riding into a car on the same corner. Such an exciting day today.

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