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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tour Stage 6

What a wet, messy day, but 2 Norwegens in the top 3. I think there's only 2 Norwegans in the whole peloton. Unfortunately the Nourwegian in 3rd was boo's favorite (and everyone else's) Thor. How many tries does it take me to spell Norwegian correctly? Four.
It was nice to see not only my Argyle Armada is the front, but Danny Pate, too. He looked like he needed a hug.
Poor Levi lost time after a crash in the last 6 K, and after the crash by Jani. I think that leaves Chris Horner as the Radioshack leader....interesting.
Siderburns speaks. And so does CVV.
Cipo on Cav.
For those not interested in the front of the race.....there's the back.

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