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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

U.S. has a Men's Soccer team...

For real. I haven't watched the game yet, but dvr'd it for tonight (lucky Yen!!!) But I did see that the captain, Carlos Bocanegra was back - having been out with a bad hammy, happy eyes!
Also - I hope I get Star's name for Christmas, 'cause I know what to make her.
Okay - watched the game, the U.S. defended like crazy & our goal keeper was awesome. I think Jozy Altidore's shoulders are related to Dwight Howard and tiny Landon Donovan was super fast. All around amazing win.
Spain...that reminds me of when Boo was down visiting, and Mom & Dad were here with Mike & Hettie. Mike told us to pick a place to eat, so we decided to try a tapas bar. When Mike heard that he told Dad that he liked hanging out with those girls, 'cause they wanted to go to a topless bar for supper. Oh Mike, only you could make Mom laugh at that.


  1. Yippeee! Best Christmas ever!!

  2. Watched a little of the game, not all of it.
    A couple things: Tim Howard is a rock star and they really should do something about the pack of bees humming around the stadium.
    I know it was Spain v. US but I swear some of those players are from Flopastan. Does Manu play soccer?

  3. Yeah, I think its mandatory for all soccer players to take drama classes, and not good drama - like daytime tv drama.
    Tim Howard was crazy good - tops my "favorite athletes with tourettes" list - easily beating out John McEnroe.