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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Greinke vs Snakes (Game 2)

Don't assume the two colored-eyed guy can't beat the Royals. He seems pretty distracting.

But the "Second Coming", as Lilly calls Zack, had two bad outings, and his ERA ballooned up to an obscene 1.72. That's alot of money for a beer! At one point, a bar was pricing a beer at Greinke's ERA on the nights he was starting.

Star would like to order up 3 more errors by the DBacks, that always helps.

Also, we would like to give some props to journeyman Willie Bloomquist, deceptively fast for a guy that looks like the hurt catcher John Buck. Not that it matters.

And let's hope that CWS game takes less than 4 hours tonight. Those games are ridiculous.


  1. Tell Star that her wish is the dbacks command...

  2. Did you see that we have a follower!!!! It is stalker Wes! Yeah! We have had about 100 visits in the last day. Who is coming around/