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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Royal vs DBacks - game 1 (the blue side)

There are a handful of people who care about this game, I'm just not sure who they are. KC is showing the same stuff as they did last year when they would go on tremendously atrocious streaks. Lose like 8 in a row, win 1, then lose another 6 or so. Yikes. Can't hit, can't pitch, can't field. Thought I was watching the Huskers. By the way, that is not a compliment.

Tonight, Star's not-so-secret crush, Gil Meche will start. (Don't tell her other MLB bf.)He is coming off his best start of the year, a 9-0, 11K, 8 inning outing against somebody. (Can't remember. It's been 6 days.) And the team is coming off the first 3 game sweep of the year. Granted, it was against the hapless Reds. But we will take it.

My MLB bf who looks ALOT like Howdy Doody, will put his seven game hitting streak on the line tonight. Don't laugh, we take 'em where we can get 'em!

Ready for first pitch. Let's go Blue....


  1. Your lucky night...dbacks are playing the slightly less-sucky, more attractive lineup tonight (the difference is one Eric Byrnes)
    Crap - Byrnes is DH...ugh.

  2. Gil's been looking good up on the mound tonight...oh wait he always looks good!
    David is going with the Brett Favre 'not shaved in awhile" look. But it can't hide his dimples!

  3. Mike Jacobs would be much cuter without that giant nasty dip of chaw in his mouth. Gross.

  4. ...and that's a KC winner.... and watch for Zach tomorrow night. Gil - complete game shutout, 132 pitches.

  5. I heart Gil and David!!!
    Mark had a good night too Boo, he's almost above .300.
    & yes Jacobs needs to lose the 1/2 lb of chew he naws on.