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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tour de France Preview (Astana)

First a little background: Team Astana is mainly sponsored by the government of Kazakhstan. Many of the main players (team director, riders, etc) from Team Discovery (US Postal before that(the team that won 7 Tours de France with Lance Armstrong)) came to Astana after it was rocked by the a doping scandal during the 2006 Tour de France. Confused? Welcome to the world of cycling.

-Alberto Contador almost started le Tour dressed in Argyle. How crazy would that have been!

-the Fat Cyclist, once again, has great advice for Johan 'the ass' Bruyneel on how to deal with 4 potential TdF winners, on the same team, in the same race. Although if my memory serves me right, Johan tried racing with multiple leaders before. The first TdF post-Lance was quite a disaster.

-Chis Horner did not make the team, which makes me sad since he's a fellow lover of In-N-Out Burger. Which reminds me, did you know Landon Donovan had In-N-Out Burger cater at his wedding? Brilliant!


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  1. Yeah, I think Astana could end up quite the Ides of March scenario, watch yourself Levi! The rest of them are on their own. I think I know who Johan backs in a fight.
    Sadness about Chris Horner - must rode by a fallen leader one too many times this season "what! I didn't see him! I was busy pedaling, I dropped my water bottle, I didn't want to hit a golden retriever"