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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trés Bon Rogerer, Au Revoir Serena

Yips Shankova managed to not mentally break down and beat Serena in three sets today. On the women's side there are two Russians, an Australian and a Slovak left in the draw...I'm pretty sure there's a joke in there.
Rogerer beat Gael Monfils (best name on the tour) in three sets, Rogerer woke up during the first set tiebreak and realized he's Rogerer Federer and put the smack down on the young frenchman.
And the Bryan Bros are still alive in doubles...

1 comment:

  1. WHAT?!?! Both those pictures have Rogerer with a SHIRT?!? At least he won.

    And you are right, Gael Monfils... the best french name ever....

    And I know I am a few days late with this, but I sure wish Tommy Haas had won. I bet he looks great without a shirt.