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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dbacks at Royals - game 1 (from the snake side)

Dbacks continue interleague play tonight at Kansas City-who cares? Well, nobody really. 
On that's the dback's half-glass...
Doug Davis gets the start tonight, he had been doing well but had a terrible outing in his last game. DD is not gonna blow any pitches past you but he will wear you out. Plus he gets extra inspirational points after he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last spring, had surgery and came back to pitch by midseason. 
The Dbacks are young and often make really stupid mistakes, like forgetting they need to score runs to win the game or that the game is 9 innings instead of 7. But depending on the lineup they may make your eyes be the judge.


  1. Nice pix. They are kinda cute. Although I am a little partial to the boys in blue. They grow on you after a while.

  2. yeah- both teams do have that whole sad pathetic loser thing going.
    *flash to future inner monologue on treadmill tonight*
    I feel so sorry for them, I'll watch their pathetic attempt at playing baseball...well, maybe for 2 innings. Oh wait, Gilmore Girls is on- buh bye Dbacks! I'll catch your shame on sportscenter in the AM.

  3. On a different note Arizona State is sporting some nice socks in Omaha tonight.