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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

'staches: tell me why again?

Dback's not-a-rookie reliever Clay Zavada has been getting alot of publicity lately for his mustache. It's very old school. He has a great life story (read this article from the NY Times). 
But in the best of obscure sporting mustache gallery there must be room for Dave Z. Lots of room. Also for his teammate Steve Cozza (thanks star)
Of course there is one cyclist that could totally pull it off.


  1. Jens is rockin' the 'stach! Nice photoshop. And Steven Cozza was great with one, but is adorable without one.

  2. Clay has a really impressive 'stach. Jens could pull of anything. I would like to see him in a euro-hawk.

  3. ¡Jens! can totally pull it off...wasn't sure till I drew it on myself.
    Is a euro-hawk like a faux-hawk? or is it like a mullet-hawk? you know how those euro bike monkeys love those mullets.

  4. I think it's more like a faux-hawk. It's been running rapid though the KC Royals locker room.