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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Golf, New York Style.

Ok, I'm supposed to be paying bills, so I thought I'd do a post instead. U.S. Open (the non-tennis one) starts tomorrow, so our TV now receives nothing except the Golf Channel.
Anyway, Bethpage Black up in New York is ridiculously difficult. Last time they played up there, Tiger was the only guy under par, and he sold his left knee for that (they collected last year). So they added 200 yards to the course and the crying has already started.
Expect a lot of the tears from Sergio, who has endeared himself to the obnoxious NY fans the way a bleeding seal wins over great white sharks.
BTW, John Daly is wearing those pants because they pay him to do so. That's about the only place he can draw a paycheck, and I believe his shame level is pretty low.
Personal favorite - Boo Weekley. The only PGA member that has admitted to boxing an orangutan. (he lost, apparently orangutans are pretty quick, and have good reach)



  1. excellent pictures.
    Where is Sergio from? From the picture my guess would be Whinistan, which is a close neighbor to Flopistan (alot of NBA players are from there)

  2. I think Sergio's hometown is Tearsville.
    Pardon me while I go claw my eyes out after seeing the pic of Daly.