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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Quiet Time....

Before Star goes all TdF on us and the fortnight really gets interesting, here's a piece tying the cycling TTT & the NBA - the writer is a nba guy, so he knows about 1/8 as much as Star does about cycling, but still interesting.
Yes, I know I have a nba problem.


  1. Thanks for tossing in the Marat Safin picture. Nice.
    That was an interesting article, more NBA than cycling, but that's ok. Couple interesting observations about cycling, but you can tell he doesn't know all that much about it.

  2. I could use a fortnight of strawberrys & cream before our 3 weeks of fine cheese, wine & croissants.
    You can tell the guys a NBA writer, but a very correct observation that the winner looks the closest to death.
    Tennis so much better looking the cycling!