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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sedona Red at Baby Blue...from the snake side

Don't worry KC fan(s) the Dbacks have a very hard time playing well for two games in a row. And Dan Haren is pitching (he's the AZ version of Greinke, but without the anxieties), which means he will receive absolutely no run support - 'cause they like to test him, and because his teammates are worthless.
No need to be frightened tonight Star, Mom would say "he has pretty eyes"  and she would be right. He does, however, have funny pitching mechanics - a "stop at the top" -a long pause with one foot suspended above the ground and then throws the ball. Should be a good game...just kidding.
Tonight Murphy tries to keep the devils alive- is Dirtman going?


  1. Haren looks like Grizzly Adams. Once again, kind of scary.