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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fast Frankie

Well, fast for us. This weekend our baby sister Frank set the female family PR for the half at 1:50:39. Since this was her 9th half marathon she's not exactly a newbie and surprisingly she actually trained for it instead of just showing up. Like a good sport she answered a couple questions and gave us some advice. 
Why did you decide to do it? Because I trained for the lincoln, got sick and wanted to mark one up in 2009
What was the hardest part of training? (or should I ask - did you train?) Finding time
If you were going to start your training again what, if anything, would you do differently?  Maybe do more outside….hills
What was your average mileage per week? Longest run? Avg 15…..longest was 18 miles
What would have been the absolute worst thing to eat right before the race?  A whole package of Star crunches
If you could have had one person run beside you to talk to, who would it have been?  Dad
In the race what was your easiest mile/section? From mile 2-5 it was pouring down rain - so I couldn’t think about it Hardest mile/section? Last 1.1 miles
At the hardest part of the race, what did you do to ignore the pain &finish?  Turn up the i-pod
When it feels like your legs are whipped cream and all you hear is the voice in your head telling you to walk - what do you do/think of to ignore it?  Think I need to pass the girl in the pink
Did any of the course, spectators or other runners stand out to you?  The trailer park was a treat
What body part hurt the most right after the race?  The next day? After the race was bottom of my feet, next three days my legs -all of my legs
What percent of the whole thing is mental? 99.9%  I’m really not a runner, I have a belly and I like to eat crap and I can run 8:23 splits…..really mental.
PS. Don’t eat 2 ½  arbys roast beef sandwiches right after the race….they went right through me literally.
Congrats Frankie!


  1. You're a rockstar Frankie!!
    If you ask T the worst think to eat before a fun run is a poptart and part of a roast beef sandwich.

  2. And then have your very first encounter with a porta pottie that has been well used. Freaked him out!! As it well should. All that poop piled up.... yuck.