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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last chance for Dwight?

Since this could potentially be my last NBA post of the year (if Team Kobe wins tonight -its over and the NBA will be dead to me till next season) So, Dwight needs to bring it and Team Kobe needs to stand around and watch Kobe try to do everything, then it might turn out okay. Did I mention Dwight needs to play well? Yes, he does, he being Dwight.
Can-Jeez was on David Letterman last night - presenting his report from the NBA finals. He was funny (of course), with questionable hair (of course). Then at the end Dave asked and Steve said he'd love to play for the knicks and I threw my cereal bowl at the tv. DO NOT TOY WITH ME STEVE!!!


  1. Those pictures of Dwight made my eyes so happy. But all is not potentialy lost tonight. At least one more game to go...

  2. Nice post (pics) Lilly!
    I don't want hardly any NBA, but Kobe scares me.

  3. Way to get a serious Dwight fix in. Even FiFi is a BIG fan of Dwight. She thinks he is beautiful. And she is right.

    Question... is his head too small, or are his shoulders so broad they make it look little?

  4. Barba here, horning in on the NBA comments. I never watch the stuff until the finals... must say it's nice to see so many tatoo-less arms. Refreshing. Agreed, Dwight is very easy on the eyes.