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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dinara ****cough, cough, choke*** Safina

Dinara Safina, #1 in the world, looking for her first Grand Slam title, looked a little hapless against her Russian counterpart Kuznetsova. I was only able to watch the first couple games before Dirtman and I went out for a run and Farmer's Market. She looked a little hesitant early, but thought that she would make it a match. Not so much.

She is less a grunter than a moaner. You can still hear her groan as the ball is landing on the other side of the net. ANNOYING. And not that I am all about the looks, but... it appears her brother got all of them in the family. Yummy. Love that big sexy Russian. (Gave you some bonus Tommy Haas coverage in there!)

Can Calvin Borel get his personal Triple Crown today? There are some saying that Mine That Bird has the stamina for the longer Belmont, but Borel's inexperience at the track might be a problem in timing his move.

Happy Birthday, Lilly!!! I'll drink a couple for you with Frankie tonight. She'll be in for the CB Half tomorrow am. Hope I can keep up with Mr. T in the 1 mile. He's pretty fast for a 4 year old.

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  1. Thanks - have fun at the race. Good luck with the half Frankie. Mr T was totally pumped, to the point where I couldn't really understand his phone call. He told me that he's waaaaay fast. I believed him.