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Friday, June 5, 2009

NBA finals, so sad

I can't even comment on the finals thus far, ugh. seriously? Luke Walton? getting productive minutes? and Team Kobe still winning? by 25? double ugh. *head to desk, reach for drink*
Star asked me today if the Magic can come back, I don't know but in my dream scenario Team Kobe goes up 3-1 and then suffer an epic collapse which ends with Kobe dropping from Staples Center ceiling dressed in all black to take revenge on his pathetic teammates.
BFA use #2 - Okay - Stan van Gundy is almost to easy, really you all could have guessed this one, the master of panic is..."The Scream" by Edward Munch. I know, I wanted something less obvious, but its too perfect. Only thing wrong is the guy in the painting isn't dressed poorly enough.
I thought "The Elephants" by Salvador Dalî was a nice fit for Coach Zenmaster. Do you understand it? I don't, that's why its perfect. And as Hubby pointed out - the elephants are tall like him. Brilliant, he should get an honorary degree in art history for that.


  1. That Yen, Captain Obvious.

    What do you make of the Kobe jutting jaw thing he is doing now? Other than he is just a jacka$$ and this is just another manifestation of that....

  2. Oh...that "tough" face. I was gonna write a post last week about Kobe & Gasol's weakest tough guy faces in all of sport. Then I saw ESPN had a thing this AM - I coulda told them.