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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Royals v. Snakes - from the Blue side

Ok, so Greinke is human. I was afraid of that, but still reality sucks. I think the KC hitters were spooked by the two different colored eyes, they really freaked me out.
Tonight we have Luke "taxicab with doors open" Hochevar starting on the mound. He's been doing alright, but his claim to fame is that his sister is a beach volleyball player. But her ears are very close to her head. Oh yeah and in his last start he threw 85 pitches in a comlete game win. Not bad.
On a side note the North Carolina baseball team has the same goofyass "spaceball" helmet as Texas. Who's going to tell them the look like idiots? Oh wait they just across town, I'll be right back.....


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