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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

So today Boo, myself and a adopted sister whom shall remain nameless, since she doesn't have a nickname (you know her as the one who ran the San Fran & Seattle 1/2's with us) went to Football 101 with the Nebraska football coaches.
So after running some drills with the coaches and listen to Coach Bo, Carl and Watson there was a quiz by the guy in charge of the academics for the athletes at UNL. I got to answer the bonus question, which I got right, and won a chance to be a 'football recruit' for any game this year. This means I will be treated to lunch, meet the coaches (which I already did today), get to be on the field during warm ups and the tunnel walk.
I think I'm able to take someone with me, Boo's already called dibs. I'll see if I can get more.


  1. Star, you don't HAVE to take me.... just, please, please, please.....

  2. Wow Star, you should auction it off...make someone buy you drinks all day (month, season) or something.
    I gotta ask - what was the bonus question? Was it tough? Like...When basket weaving, what is your end product? (multiple choice)
    A. a passing grade
    B. a mustache
    C. a basket
    D. all of the above.

  3. This is priceless, I'll charge drinks to hear the story.
    The question was: Who was UNL's first Acsdemic Counseler?
    Answer: Tom Osborne