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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Girls basketball does not suck

Okay, I know I'm the only basketball fan on here...hello? Dirtman? are you there?
But last nights game between the Phoenix Mercury and the Indiana Fever did not suck. At all. The Merc ran and ran like Gracie after eating a half bag of chocolate chips. Surprisingly the Fever kept up. Tamika Catchings managed to keep Taurasi under control (22 pts, 6 dimes, 9 rebounds, but on 5-17 shooting...yikes, kobe-like #'s). Luckily the Merc have Penny Taylor off the bench - who scored 23, 18 in the first half - all while chugging a Foster's* - Okay not chugging, but she looked like she may/may not fall asleep at any moment...australians are cool like that.
So, file away another obscure sport that I follow that gets 20 sec on coverage on SportsCenter, squashed in between an analysis of the Yankee's socks and a report that Tim Tebow flossed. If it wasn't for my boy Josh Elliot, I would be over you SC.
* Thats Australian for beer, like I need to tell you that.


  1. What's with Taurasi's sleeve, does she have some obscene tats?

  2. I don't know, but she does have some sweet shoulders. I'd take those.