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Friday, October 2, 2009

I have not abandoned you....

Not that you care, but I have been keeping up on the blog, I just haven't been commenting like I should. Busy days....

Few comments -

- Zack Greinke should win the Cy Young, but with only 16 wins on a bad team, his eye-popping stats won't be enough. 2.07 ERA, that is just sick for a starter, he just got no run support. He lost 6 games where he gave up 1 or less runs. I mean, seriously, that's just wrong.

-My niece is a stud. Took a softball to the throat and still went 5 for 6 with 5 RBI.

-Can't wait to watch my nephew V in his junior high football game tomorrow. Even though it is going to be cold as heck at that game.

-I'm super glad that baseball is almost over. I have to make some time to clear my DVR up, and I have been wasting way too much time watching bad KC games.

-Go Big Red!!!



  1. Tell me that the DVRing baseball is a joke? really? seriously? we may have to have an intervention.
    But that reminds me - didn't realize the Dbacks were still playing, but at the cubbies today, Clay Zavada (he of mustache fame) was watching for his bull pen (cause their bull pen is all screwy there) and he caught a fair ball that the going towards the pitcher warming up, realized it was fair, dropped it, and stuck his hands in his pocket like "wow, that ball just stopped right here" He had some buddies in the front row with fake Zavada mustaches on and they thought it was hilarious. They were right, well it was funny maybe not hilarious. But if I was watching a 10-0 ball game in the cold it would be my highlight of the day.

  2. No - I don't DVR baseball, but rather than catching up on Little Miss Sunshine and Leverage on the DVR, I sit and mindlessly watch the Royals live.