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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sad tennis eyes

because of Murray vs. Gulbis, then my ears got ticked off when Brad Gilbert started talking. He is close to leapfrogging Al Trautwig on announcers my ears would most like to push off a cliff. My ears know it's bad when they are glad that Johnny Mac starts talking.
One good thing about living on the left coast (besides being able to hold a weenie roast on the smoldering ruins of your neighbors house) is watching the last US Open match and still getting to bed at ten. Roddick's first round match, featured Andre Agassi in the comment box. Andre, you are the best. Really. A rare case of a great athlete and an even better person.
Unrelated to anything having to do with sports - but this guy twitters things his dad says. You're welcome.


  1. Andre is a good guy, even though he started out as a punk.
    I heard about that twitter, hil-freaking-larious!!

  2. I have tears in my eyes from that twitter. Kind of reminds me of dad, only less cussing!

    Watching the Kuznetsova-Wozniacki match. Not the pretty Russian, that's for sure!