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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tour of Missouri - !JENS!

For those new to cycling and this blog might not know how awesome Jens Voigt, hereby known as !Jens!, is. Here are a few !Jens! related stories from the Tour of Missouri.

-We saw 2 people sporting "WWJD? What would Jens Do?" shirts. Come on, that shirt is so 3 years ago.

-About a block from where the finish was, we were waiting to storm the podium and !Jens! came soft pedaling by 2 minutes after the pelaton finished. Boo and I yell "Good Job Jens" he turns and smiles. I think that is what caused the next story.

-Picture this, you're standing just to the right of the awards stage and Team Saxo Bank is being honored as the winner of the team category. All the riders get flowers and have just finished spraying and drinking their champagne. A few riders throw out their flowers into the crowd, then a few more. So you make eye contact with !Jens! and put of you hands as to say "!Jens! you're a rock star, throw me your flowers" and so he tosses them the lady in front of you. Come on !Jens! she's wearing Garmin gear, I know you only use your arms to steer, but just one more person back. Maybe I looked like I didn't have any ups? Anyway, I think he did look sorry that he didn't get them to me.
And he must have remembered he stiffed me later when he rushed from hotel lobby to avoid me.


  1. O Star, how lucky you are. Made me lol.
    Those stories could totally be worked into the "A Day with ¡Jens! sitcom.

  2. "A Day with !Jens!" would be the most popular show ever!!