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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tennis, I guess...(half heartedly)

John Isner, I don't think I forgive you. sorry, you royally pissed my eyes off and they get stabby & carry a grudge. Sorry John, my eyes just get like that. Oh Andy, we'll miss you.
At least Murray got beat, and Shreeck-ova too. Oudin was a giant, blond russian killer, but couldn't take out the giant, blond dane tonight. And in further bad tennis news, the Bryan Bro's lost too. Too much time spent practicing jumping chest bumps I guess.
However, the first two sets of the Nadal/Monfils match last night were great - until wheels fell off the french bicycle and the spanish lion ate delicious flaky french croissants for a midnight snack.
Oh and who else is ridiculously excited for the Spike Jonze movie Where the Wild Things Are? Ohhh ME! Pick me! Pick me!!! (trailer)

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  1. My eyes are no longer enjoying the US Open. But they can't wait until they get to see some bike monkeys tomorrow :)