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Monday, September 14, 2009

Tour of Missouri - in the beginning

Tour of Missouri: we came, we stalked & then we left. I thought I'd give ourselves a day to make sure we don't get any restraining orders, but where do I start. I have to say that next time boo will not let me drive her car as we get close to the stage, I was so excited to see Team Saxo Bank out warming up that I kept starting out in 3rd (but I only killed it once!).

The first stage we went to was the individual time trial in Sedalia, MO. We got there early, which is important. We saw the whole Team Cervelo show up, so they were our first victims. Thor was there having coffee (surprise) and I got my pic with Heinrich Hausler. He's the cutie that leads out Thor on all the sprints. It looked like he just woke up, which I think he did.

There was slight confusion when I was going for a pic with Steve Cozza. He arrived in a car with Dave Z, & there was a miscommunication between boo & I. She followed Dave and I talked Steve into a pic, so when we turned around and smiled boo was gone. We were a little out of practice. But that is why Steve doesn't look very thrilled.

There was fire sale on Astana merchandise that we were going to buy them out and send it all to Lilly. hehehe


  1. Star - you are good at stalking.
    steve cozza looks a bit like the Ryan (former temp, MBA student, VP, drug addict) on The Office.
    Thank you for not getting the Astana jersey, your money is better spent on magic beans.

  2. Everyone has their talents.
    I told Steven that he needs to bring back the Fu Man Chu he was sporting last year. Instead he's going for the slacker, not shaved in a week look. I guess.