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Friday, September 18, 2009

Why now????

Why? Why? Why? The Royals are torturing me again this season with a stellar September. After stinking it up more than I thought possible in June-August, they are on a complete tear within the division this month. I think they are just making sure that we start getting our hopes up again for next year, only to dash them again 2 months into the season.

After taking the last 4 series, they are clobbering the #2 Chicago White Sox 10-0 right now. At least Star's boyfriend has his 17 game hitting streak intact.

***heavy sigh****

There's always next year....



  1. Go David, that's 169 straight games without an error!!! He'd look good with a Golden Glove...oh wait, he already looks good.

  2. Wait they are still playing. I thought they got 45'ed