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Thursday, September 17, 2009

What goes up...

Not nearly as exciting as stalking cyclists, last weekend Trip Leader* and I did a practice climb up Mt. Humphery's (highest peak in AZ at 12,637 ft) to get ready for our upcoming Grand Canyon exhibition. Its a little over 4 miles to the top, with the last mile at over 11,500 in the tundra. Yes, tundra in Arizona.
Made it unscathed, despite a brief time of hunger-induced delirium when I was confused by a bird acting like a chipmunk (at least I thought - it was confusing).
Resting/Freezing on the saddle before the last mile - Star & Boo, behind me in the pic are those old volcanos we walked around NE of Flag, and yes I wear a goofy hiking hat because me & the sun are frenemies, without the "fr" part. But we summited - and according to Trip Leader* the weather was great, meaning that the wind wasn't blowing 40 mph.

Taking Trip Leader's* official summit portrait. The best part of the whole thing? easy, the bag of Doritos that I inhaled once we made it back to the car.
* Yen insists on being referred to as Trip Leader for all activities to do with the GC hike. He gets one letter addressed to him and then the power trip begins.


  1. Dang - that sure seems like waaaay more fun than sitting in a boat and drinking. Ok, not. But way more impressive! Good luck in the GC. And hope the Trip Leaders head will fit in his super cool hiking hat.

  2. Did that bag of Doritos disappear faster then the Pizza Hut pizza on top of Pikes Peak?