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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A couple good things...

1. A Dunkin Donuts is opening walking distance from my house. Very, very good news.
2. File under really, really obscure but the Phoenix Mercury (powered by Diana Taurasi) have advanced to the western finals, where they meet the LA Sparks (with Candice Parker & Lisa Leslie). Phoenix plays uptempo ball, with barely passable defense. I think defense is allergic to Phoenix, or vice versa.
3. Canadian Celebrity Steve Nash has an infomercial. NO WAY! Brilliant.
4. Happy Birthday Boo! Here's a cake blog for you!


  1. I would buy anything from Steve Nash. He is very convincing!!!
    Congrats on the Dunkin' Donuts!!!

  2. Is that really how Nash sounds?? He sounds funny, but doesn't say 'eh'. Real Canadian Celebrities say 'eh'.