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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


that's about the best way to describe Stage 4 of the Vuelta. Take a look at the last crash, and probably one of the largest I've seen, there was many more before that. One rider ran into the back of a tanker that was parked on the side of the had to hurt.
Chris Horner is out with a broken wrist :( I say he calls it a season, I think he needs a hug.
David Millar is really funny. And so is Ryder.

Hot of the wire: Big George has signed with Team BMC signed a couple big international names. I guess they're hoping for some invites to the Grand Tours. What I find interesting is Marcus Burghardt flew from Columbia to BMC, as well...Big George and Marcus were Mark Cavendish's final 2 leadout men all season. Last year it was Gerald Ciolek and he didn't stick around. I'm pretty sure that's a trend, but is it because of Cav or Columbia management?

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  1. That's a ridiculous crash. It was within the last 3k right?
    So is BMC a classics team? Where's the money from?