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Monday, September 28, 2009

Two buck seats...

Okay, first The Roosevelt was great. An old house, good beers on tap (Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale), yummy food (deviled eggs & ham, pickled okra).
But the Mercury game was just as good. First off - its always nice to see Phoenix beat L.A in basketball. And we got to see the classy (and really, really tall with sharp elbows) Lisa Leslie in her last WNBA game.
The Merc play an up-up-up tempo game and mix things up on defense. The starting lineup for LA averaged over 6 foot, and Phx starting guard had to be 5'3", and the 2 guard was 5'8". But Phx had Diana Taurasi, who's true, is a complete and total stud. She reminded me of Lebron in the way she seems about 25% more athletic than any other player on the court. But unlike Lebron she's completely clutch. She came out in the fourth and scored 8 straight points - if she decides to go to the basket, good luck stopping her.
Taurasi has at least two insane (insane! I tell you!) assists and guarded every single position on the other end (including blocking Lisa Leslie). It was pretty amazing. She's right up there with the greatest athlete I've ever seen in person - after the game Leslie said that Taurasi is the greatest player on the planet and I believe her.
So, free up your sports schedule (not that there is anything worth watching...really) The Mercury open the Finals against Indiana tomorrow night - best of 5. Go Merc!

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  1. Ok, twist my arm, you talked me into visiting you and going to The Roosevelt.