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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stay Vitamized My Friend.

Oh Stevie, you are so fancy, with your red mittens and one of the non-malfunctioning torches to light. With your 7th NBA all-star-ness and Skills Challenge contesting. But your new vitamin water commercial makes me really heart you all the more-I don't know if its the glitter headband or denim tuxedo. Words really can't describe fully.
PS. Happy Belated Birthday Steve! I apologize for having to take a break, but you all (the suns) were really, really bad at basketball, I just couldn't handle it. Your 5 game win streak got me back, but losing the Portland? Really? 4 days off provide to much time to think of a game plan that can be described as "lets not really try, okay?" No Suns, Not okay.


  1. Wow, Steve Nash is the most ridiculous man in the world. I think it was the pink ankle warmers.

  2. I especially like the "cow tipping" one. I think that is excellent advice.