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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras

I know you've probably been asking, where have you been? The Olympics have been going on for, like, days. I'll tell you where I've been, watching, that what. Ok, here are my thoughts thus far:
How awesome is short track speed skating? totally, that's what. It's just as much of a workout to watch a race as it is to participate. I couldn't stay seated during the finals of the 1500 where Apolo (he can dance) got silver & JR (he's twelveteen) was bronze.
Bode's back!!! Where'd he go? I think he went and grew up, he's only 32!!
The Czech Republic speed skater won the gold in the 3000 meters, but what's so surprising is that Martina Sablikova is 5' 7", 117 lb (ding)....that's almost malnourishment.
Speaking of how people look or dress....the curlers of Norway need to .... uhm....I'm at a loss....insert you're own comment here.
I personally like the Canadian mittens. It takes me back to the days when Mom would put snowman, or Ernie and Bert on the back of ours, so we knew which glove went on each hand. I wonder how many of the Canadians had the string that runs though the coat connecting the two mittens?


  1. So I guess Bode grew up? Although he's still got a bit of jackassery in him. Did you watch Snowboarding last night? That was pretty cool. I have a feeling Shawn White (as likeable as he seems) is the Lance Armstrong of Snowboarding - and me, the uninformed consumer, thinks he's the only snowboarder there is.

  2. I'm a big fan of Louie Vito, however, only because of another mainstream TV show... but even the uninformed consumer that I am, I could tell that Shawn White was just that much better last night.

    Watched the women tonight, and the US women tried hard, but the ones with the best starts, just couldn't finish.

    Watching fairies on ice, (per Kicker) and some young man in an pink argyle sweater vest with sparkles on it is skating to Gershwin. OMG!!!! Don't know who he is, but I expect Sammy to come blasting out of the stands to steal that sweater!!!