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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I (heart) Apolo,

but the Koreans and now Canadians...not so much. He's races are soooo exciting, I can't sit down when I'm watching....I keep yelling "come on Apolo, don't fall down", while I'm jumping up and down. Kind of like when he was on Dancing with the Stars.
And US bobsledders, now everyone needs to keep an eye on them. But when they are in the suits check out Curt Tomasevicz (former Husker football player) more the pilot Steve Holcomb. Curt was made for those suits...Steve would look better in a sweatshirt.
Speaking of what Olympians are wearing the best dressed by a mile is the US snowboarders. Dude, they are totally rocking the jean snowpants. Why didn't they think of these sooner? And it does no harm in putting Seth Wescott in 'em. Yep. But seriously, does Shaun White know how to fly? Cause he's killed the halfpipe.
I have to give a "way to go" to the US men's and women's curling teams since they finally won some matches. It took awhile and a shake up on the men's side, but a win's a win, eh?
Late addition:
Bode, Bode, are a rock star. Or as Austrian Bennie Raich said "I never know what to make of Bode Miller, because he's crazy." Crazy good, that's what. Three races and three medals, this last one a gold. Now he can wear them with any outfit.


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  2. Yes, Bode has redeemed himself. He's still a bit of an enigma to me. Very guarded.
    Did you see Ted Ligety (best said 3 times fast) sporting argyle on his helmet in the combined? Argyle is warm, perfect for winter.
    Believe me I checked out the bobsled (wink, wink, nudge nudge)