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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Really, it's all about you...

..Lindsey Vonn.
She trully puts the 'I' in 'Olympic'. Distractingly, it took away from the princess, Julia Mancuso. No wonder snowboarders run over skiers all the time.

Downhill Cheerleader/Intimidator/Motivator.
Who IS the guy whose single job it is to yell at the American skiers before they take off down the hill? You, know, the guy who sounds like a male grizzly bear and yells at them until the moment they leave the tent. He yells such things as, "COME ON!! COME ON!! COME OOOOON BODE MILLER!!! COME ON BODE!!! BODIEEEEEEEEE!!!! COME ON!!! COME ON BODE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Is he paid to do this job? I'm curious to know who the guy is and why he's there, yelling, for every American skier. I think he's a big, hairy, American coach of some kind.


  1. I don't know who he is, but I think I will be sitting right in front of him for a bunch of games this spring.

  2. Lindsey is the Lance of Alpine Skiing. I don't know who in cycling is like Julia...there are no tiaras or glitter in cycling.

    I think that guy is the cheer coach, if he not, he should be.

  3. Jock - you forgot about the spittle flying out of his mouth. I'd put money on that.