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Monday, February 22, 2010

So easy a Canadian can do it...

I kid. I love Canada. I want to live there.
Those obscure Olympic sports can be confusing, so I'm giving them some tag lines to help.
Ice Dancing/Pairs Skating: "We're your new neighbors that wear matching teal wind suits to do yard work, have 34 gazing balls in the front yard (carpeted with faux plastic grass) and a fountain that plays muzack. Oh and we wave in unison."
Speaking of gazing balls...
Bobsled: "For housewives everywhere."
Short Track: "4 Jack Russell's on crack in a closet"
Snowboard: "You brought Cheetos...seriously?!?"
Curling: "Okay then, You bring the tater tot bake and I'll bring the case of High Life. No I can come straight from work, I don't need to change out of my pleated work khakis"
Ski Jumping: "Yes, I do body double for the Schlecks in the off season"
And because everything comes back to Steve -When they announced the US/Canada hockey score during the Suns game last night he made a face and double thumbs down. After the game he had this to say about the loss. "It's tough, There was a moment where I almost slapped someone in the front row because they kept yelling it (the score) to me but we're worried about season ticket renewals so I held back." Atta boy Steve.
I vote 2 thumbs up for the Canadian skeleton gold winner Jon Montgomery for just belting out O Canada - if you have a kick ass anthem you may as well yell it.


  1. Great post, Lil. There is a startling resemblance between ski jumpers and the Schlecks. I had a guy at work tell me he used to have pants like the Norwegean curlers, and he wore them with green shoes to high school Very 70's.

    And Ron, if you are reading this, let us know what you think.... stop lurking and start commenting.

  2. O Canada is a great anthem for yelling. But the only words I know are "O Canada".
    Tell Steve not to worry, if there's a rematch I don't think the US and duplicate their win. And while you're talking to him ask if the Nash that plays hockey for Canada is his cousin? I figure same last name & from Canada, they have to be related.
    And righ on about the Schlecks. Atleast the cross contry skiers have some upper body.

  3. Well that Nash plays for the NHL Phx team, but as far as I know is not related to our Stevie.