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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well done Curt,

the gold medal looks good on you.


  1. I asked Flex if he would be willing to help out the USA Olympic team by letting Curt live in our basement. He said no.

  2. Hmm... who is Star's newest obscure sport boyfriend??? And him mom teaches at Aquinas. This one may not be completely out of reach....

    Shoot, Flex is so not fun. Where is his sense of patriotism? U! S! A!

  3. Come on Flex, do you hate America?

    And a thank you to Curt for getting Nebraka a Winter Olympics medal be for an Iowian. GO BIG RED!

  4. Yes, the skers were well represented - the brake for the Canadian women's sled ran track at UNL too.
    Here's another motto:
    Got a thigh fetish? Bobsled's for you!