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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cycling run down

The stage today in the Giro d'Italia was a mountain time trial, 13 K's long, 1 K of climbing, with parts over 20%, and other parts were dirt. It wasn't even wide enough for cars, so the directors and mechanics had to ride motorcycles. Who comes up with crazy s*&t like this? Italians!! But one of their crazier ideas is to start the 2012 Giro in D.C., which I am totally ok with. Bring on the crazy ideas, believe me, I've got a judgement gun that can blow huge holes into any bad ideas.
Anyhoo the stage was won by Stefano Garzelli, Cadel put some time into Ivan Basso, Carlos Sastre and Vino. But with 4 mountian top stages left in the Giro, it's far from over.
The Tour of CA finale was on Sunday, which was won by Mick Rogers (which I've met, ahem...sorry, stalked before), second was crazy Dave Zabriskie, third was little Levi Leipheimer. And my favorite Canadian cyclist won the last stage! Ok, he's the only Canadian cyclist I know of. I wonder if he knows Steve Nash? The Argyle Armada was the winning team, as well.
What's the difference between Italy and California?


  1. I always thought Svein Tuft was your favorite Canuck cyclist.... and apparently Michael Barry just got thrown completely under the bus.

    Ryder's ok, I guess.

  2. Crap, what have they done for me lately?